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Are you facing problem in switching on the printer? Or Paper is getting stuck while printing? Yes, these errors occur when you use printers but who says you doesn’t have solutions to the problems.

As you are here that means you are using Dell Photo printer and you are facing error 720, Right? We have solution for your error, don’t worry just relax and follow the guide step by step. After following the steps you still face any problem just grab the Dell Printer Support Phone Number and ask for help to resolve your glitch.

Steps to Troubleshoot Dell Photo Printer 720:

If you want to switch on the printer:

o Press the power button on if it still create problem that means there is a problem with adapter.
o Check whether the adapter connected or not. If it still creates issue that means you have to change the adapter of the printer.

If the paper is jammed:

o Make sure that your paper is not crumbled or torn, because this can cause problem and your paper might stuck again and again in the cartridge.
o Check how much paper is there in paper support, if it is over floating then your paper won’t go in properly. So always keep half amount of paper in the support.
o Keep the paper straight in the paper support so that it goes easily in to the cartridge.

If the printer is creating trouble in Printing:

o Have a look that is your USB is connected properly or not, because it sends the signals from the computer to the printer.
o The paper support might be out of papers. If there will be no paper in the support area the printer won’t print anything even after several commands.
o If any of the above issue is not there, then check whether the system has properly installed the software. To check this:
 Go to Start Menu,
 Programs,
 Dell Photo Printer 720. If the icon of Dell Photo Printer 720 does not appear that means the software is not installed.

• Your printer might be out of ink have a look at the cartridge is it empty or dry.
That’s all, you are done. Hope that this helped you out to fix your problem of Dell Photo Printer 720. Dell also has an assistance desk, in case you want some information and assistance you can come across Dell customer care number. We give support to our users anytime they are comfortable with. So stay interface with us for even any technical support.

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